You Don’t Always Need a Complete Metamorphosis to Make Big Changes

Megamorphic Journey is a blog about a specific experiment in change (weight loss) and will chronicle how your author Terpsichore (that’s me!) will lose an expected twenty-five pounds in twenty weeks using a combination of conventional and unconventional means to do so.

Along the way I will outline the plan, write more in depth about specific aspects of successful weight loss, share recipes, menus, exercise tips, organizational worksheets, music playlists and more.

Megamorphosis, like Freakonomics, is not actually a word (you probably knew that) and of course is supposed to evoke the meaning of the real word metamorphosis (from

metamorphmeaning[Also along the way, I will learn how to enlarge graphics]

This blog is dedicated to the principle that successful change needn’t always mean a total or profound (meta) transformation:  Under most circumstances, we human beings can lose weight without having to totally change who we are.  Hence the entirely invented concept of the Micromorph (someone who only needs to make small changes to accomplish their goal) and the concept of the Megamorph – someone, like me, who needs to make bigger changes to accomplish the goal but still does not need to completely change lifestyle or identity in order to achieve that goal.

I hope there will be a little something here for everyone.  Please share your stories, ideas, tips etc. in the comments sections and follow me on my weight loss journey!


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