Day 8 of 140

So, I’ve been at it for a week, and what has happened?  Well, I lost either 3 pounds by yesterday’s step-on-the-scale or 2.6 pounds if you count through today’s.

I’ve been logging my weight every day (or nearly every day).  Some diets say you should only check your weight like once or twice a week because the fluctuations will make you all crazy.  I can certainly see that!  But I want to keep the records so I can see if there’s any trend when I make a diet or exercise change.  Generally I’ve noted that if I am “bad” diet-wise, it does not show up the next day, but the day after that.

So far I haven’t even explained what the heck I’m doing, so I will remedy that and get some posts going explaining what this Weight Loss Experiment is.

I have to say I expected a greater change, since I had just come back from vacation and had been eating a lot more carbs than I should have and did next to no exercise.  I did make it to the gym 6 out of the 7 first days, and only one day was what I would call a Wimpy Workout.

Let me show you part of the worksheet I’m using to remind me to do certain things and keep track of others.



This is what I’m trying to do every morning, roughly in this order:

  • Drink a minimum of 16oz of water
  • Eat something high-protein, low-carb
  • Do stretches and a heart-rate raising activity

Ideally all that should be done within one hour of waking up, to get the metabolism going and help tell the body that 1) It’s OK, it doesn’t have to hoard and store fat, it’s not going to starve, and 2) That it should plan to get your needed energy from your already stored fat rather than expect it will come from newly consumed energy sources.

But I think I have yet to actually do all those things within one hour.  And as you can see, like today, I didn’t do all of them (went to gym in the afternoon, which is also on the afternoon/evening worksheet).  Trying to be good about doing that this week might be a good part of this experiment.

The eating of the Small Morsel was originally put in because I had had a habit of waking up hours before my husband and waiting until he got up to have a proper breakfast.  The 2oz of juice that I had almost everyday last week, with the Small Morsel (1/4 of an Atkins bar) still had over 10 carbs and who knows how many calories?  Since, as I said, I actually expected more dramatic weight loss, I am cutting out the juice this week and when I do have a Small Morsel it will be meat or cheese or meat-and-cheese.

So my reflection on Week One of my Megamorphosis is … so far, so good.


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