Finding My Motivation to Megamorph – Part 2 of 2 – and My First Vlog!

After writing Finding Your Motivation to Megamorph – Part 1 of 2, I was concerned that people might take the ‘looks are more important’ thing a little too broadly.  I did not mean that for everyone.  I hope I made it clear that I am only viewing it that way in reference to me and my specific situation.  I certainly do believe that “looks aren’t everything” – indeed, I lived about 50 years pretty much thinking looks weren’t anything, hence what you’ll see in my first video!

Not only is my backside large, but my hair is terrible, my skin is blotchy, I’m wearing no make-up and the lighting and sound are amateurish.

But, partly for what I hope will be your enjoyment and partly for the purposes of documenting my size at the beginning of this experiment, below is a very rough video of me demonstrating one of the things I am doing to help me lose weight, and that’s being sure to get proper hydration.

This video has a practical idea anyone can start using today to get more water via herbal tea into their bodies, using solar energy.

One of the other things you will see Megamorphing besides my size will be the quality of the videos.  For example, I already have plans to fix the sound quality in future videos so that you can more clearly hear everything that is being said.


YouTube Video


I think it still has some charm, yes?

Oh, if anybody recognizes me, please please please do not out me, even with a first name.  I have already launched my own professional website to get jobs, and would really prefer potential clients googling my name not see this at the moment.  But do feel free to send me an email if you like!

I will “Out Myself” on or shortly after Day 140 of 140, which is something like November 8th, 2015.

That in itself is a powerful motivation, knowing I’ll be putting my name to the face in about 17 weeks from now.  It really makes me keep in mind “Failure is not an option” (which will be the topic of a future post).

Basically, your motivation has to be just that – yours.  And it has to be a strong one.  Losing weight is a hard job, and it has to be looked at just as that, a job.  A job from which you do not want to get fired.  So you will spend the time necessary to do it.  You will find a way to integrate your weight loss activities into your current lifestyle, or you will change things about your lifestyle to accommodate your weight loss goals – or a combination of the two.

It’s all about taking the information out there and making it work for you because we know there’s no ‘one size fits all’ weight loss plan.

I hope the worksheets and videos and other resources posted here – with lots more to come – will be helpful for you on your own Megamorphic Journey!


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