Tuesday Tidbits & Progress Report

Monday is my official weigh-in day and so I’m planning a weekly Tuesday post with updates and just short little things with links or pics or vids I hope you find fun and/or useful.


Tidbit #1 – Surviving a Holiday Cookout

I’d like to share some things that saved me on the Fourth of July.  Quoting myself from my Nearly-Daily-Diary:

“I survived the Fourth of July Food fest with a little help from my friends the Pork Rinds and a lot of help from my BIL and SIL with their menu choices.

Meat was ribs, country and baby back, albeit with a pretty sweet sauce.  I had one large spoonful of the baked beans which also no doubt had more sugar than I really needed, but I was impressed – no potato, no potato salad, no pasta salad, no chips (I brought the Pork Rinds just in case there were chips to tempt me).

Instead, there was what my SIL called an Amish Salad.  So I am going to try to find a link to the recipe.

It seems to be just what all us peeps who are trying not to eat the “bad” carbs needed – broccoli and cauliflower with cheese, bacon bits (I think) and a light mayonnaise dressing.  At least I think it was.”



Yep, that’s what it looked like

Turns out I was pretty much Spot On about what was in it – with the exception that the dressing was mayo AND sour cream.


Now, I don’t know if she used the sugar or an artificial sweetener – it didn’t taste sweet at all to me, which I prefer.  And I’m sure she used reduced calorie mayo and/or sour cream.  Still, those things can add a lot of unneeded sugar carbs, but when you divide the numbers out by serving … all in all I am certain it was a better choice than a typical slaw or potato salad.

Terpsichore’s Kitchen Law #32: Recipes are like a clothes dummy.  They give you a framework but you can dress them up however you like!


Tidbit #2 – Surviving My First Meal Out Since Day One of the Experiment

Husband and I went out to lunch yesterday.  Fortunately it’s not to hard to find things on just about any restaurant menu that can keep you on track.  I’d have an easier time of it if I liked seafood but I really don’t.  Can’t stand most shellfish, with the exception of the occasional fried shrimp (coconut shrimp in particular).  And I pretty much don’t like most fish unless white, mild, battered/breaded and fried ala English style Fish & Chips.

One thing I can order and feel like it’s somewhat festive is non-breaded chicken wings with a side salad.  But this place had something called Hog Wings, basically pork on a bone you can pick up an eat like a chicken wing, only lots, lots bigger and meatier


These are not the actual ones I ate, but they closely resemble them.

The menu said they came with cajun seasoning and BBQ sauce, but I requested wing sauce instead, because y’know what I found out?  Wing sauce has, like, effectively no calories and no carbs!  Not only that, the peppers are probably really helpful at elevating your metabolism (temporarily no doubt).

Another way to ensure you are not getting surprise calories when you eat out is to not rely on their salad dressings but bring your own.  Seriously.

I started doing that not because of calories but because if I have canola oil (especially in straight liquid form) it’s a very, very bad thing.  I got fed up having to ask the servers about what oil was in their dressings or expecting that every place would have olive oil and vinegar.

So, find a small container that you can pour stuff out of that has a tight seal (I sandwich bag it additionally, just in case) and stick it in your purse.  If you’re a guy without a gal with a purse with you, you’ll just have to figure something out.  Guys: If you’ve got any ideas, please share them below!


Weight Update

Starting weight    6/22 – 181.2 lbs.

Recorded weight 7/13 –  177.8 lbs.

Considering in my Week Two of the three weeks was still adjusting my schedule and not strictly following what schedule I had, I am satisfied that I am heading in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more updates on worksheets, details of what I’m doing for exercise, and hopefully more videos!


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