Stress and weight loss…or not

Something else for me to think about.

Not only is losing weight my Job No. 1, but so is … chilling out!

Total Low Carb


Let’s say you’re following your LCHF eating plan pretty well, you’re drinking plenty of water, trying to eat real food (as opposed to ‘food products’), maybe taking some supplements, perhaps you’re experimenting with some intermittent fasting…but you’ve hit a weight loss stall and the scale just won’t move.  What’s up with that?

Maybe it’s all down to stress. Long-term stress is a killer and it all starts in your brain. The HPA triad kicks into gear when you’re experience stress over long periods of time (as opposed to the momentary stress that happens when you nearly get into a car accident) when the hypothalamus in your brain stimulates the pituitary gland (also in your brain) to react to the stress. The pituitary gland then stimulates the adrenal glands (sitting neatly atop the kidneys) to produce cortisol in response to stress.

Cortisol is not your friend, friend. 

Cortisol is part of…

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