Tuesday Tidbit & Progress Report

Tidbit #1: Pre-Packaged Processed Product of the Week

As much as I’d like to do this whole thing without resorting to processed foods, or as some of you might arguably call them, ‘non-foods’, while I am actively trying to lose weight (as opposed to when I will be maintaining my new weight) I will take whatever help I can.

In my prior existence, I was never a big breakfast eater.  It was too much fuss and hassle.  Well, suffice it to say I have Come To See The Breakfast Light.

Now, I likes myself a nice breakfast sandwich (breaky sammy for short) and at our local warehouse club they sell 10 Special K breaky sammies for 10 bucks.

Here’s the stats:


20 grams total carb minus 3 grams fiber carb = 17 net carbs, which, if you were really following the Atkins induction diet, would be almost all you’d be allowed for the entire day!


Plus, 240 calories is really low for breakfast.  So, here’s what I do:

Most of the carbs are of course in the bread, so I take one bread and set it aside to eat another day with bacon or eggs that I cook.  I add one small slice of cheese and throw in a small strawberry.


That gets it to, by my calculations, 352 calories, and 10 carbs.

Weight Update

I’ve been alarmed that I haven’t seemed to be losing as much weight as I feel I should have been and lo and behold, I think part of the anomaly is the electronic scale at the gym I’ve been using.  I am still going to keep track with that one daily, but I am now going to also start recording my weight twice a week with the old balance scale in the locker room (Wed. and Sat.) and also on Wednesdays check my weight with the scale at the supermarket.

So did I really weigh 181.2 on 6/22?  I’m sure that I had gained some weight prior to that, but I don’t know if I can ever know now, which means I might have to reset the whole experiment next week and start again.  But maybe I’ll just do Twenty Pounds in Twenty Weeks.

In any case, here’s where I am, I think:

Starting weight    6/22 – 181.2 lbs

Recorded weight 7/27 – 175.6 lbs

Deserves a smiley emoticon I think!  🙂


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